Each month, thousands of people visit this site.  The audience is about 96% male, with the biggest age group being 35 to 44, but with users from 18 to 80.  Amp and guitar reviews are the most popular content, with the all-time leading page being the Bassbreaker review I did.

The vast, overwhelming majority of mobile users are using an iPhone, and the vast majority of computer users are running Chrome, with Safari in second place.  iOS is tied with Windows as being the two most common operating systems.  Android is third, and Mac OS is fourth.

The state with the most traffic is California, followed by Texas, New York, Illinois, Pennsylvania.

What jumps out at me most is the fact that about 4% of site visitors are female.  Less than 4%, actually.  I am wondering how much of that is my fault.  I’m cool with female guitar players not being interested in the things I write about, but I hope I’m not driving them away with whatever you’d call my writing style.

The other thing that jumps out is that you couldn’t pick two more politically diverse states than California and Texas.  I’m proud of that.  Budget Guitarist is not about politics and will never be about politics.  In this age of politics dividing people and families, music is something we can all get behind.  There’s too much us vs. them in our country, but at the end of the day we’re all Americans with a little too much interest in guitars and gear.

The ad revenue from this website offsets the web hosting costs, so this is pretty much a break even business for me.  I love electric guitars and gear and always have, and writing about it is an outlet for me.  I hope you continue to find the site useful, and I will continue to write my opinions about all of the gear I try, as well as some more informative articles from time to time.  THANK YOU for reading!

Richard MacLemale