I’ve just released my fourth album, “The One Thing.”  It’s what I would call retro-pop/rock.  It has catchy vocal melodies and lots and lots of guitars.  Lots of P90 crunch.  I think there’s a guitar solo in almost every song.  If you use Apple Music or Spotify, you can use these links:

Apple Music Link

Spotify Link

If you’re into owning music, you can purchase the album on iTunes.

This album will soon be available in old school CD format, hopefully by January 15.  I’ll link it here when it’s available.  But I STRONGLY encourage you, faithful site readers, to sign up for either Spotify or Apple Music.  That way you can listen to almost every song ever recorded and musicians get paid (a micro teeny tiny amount, but better than nothing.)  I use both.

Anyway, check out the new album if you get a chance.  Thanks!