This is a rough mix of the song “Truck Ridin’ Dog” which is from my upcoming EP “Songs About Dogs.”  I’m aiming for every genre I can with this EP.  I’ve got a hard rock song, a jazz song, a slow piano ballad, a surf song, and this one is country/bluegrass-ish.  Here’s the song:


And here’s the lyrics:

Well I’m ridin’ down the road with the window half down
And I’m checkin’ out the smells in this here town
My head is out the window where the wind blows
And where we’re headed, owner only knows

My owner goes someplace that’s called the “vet”
And if that’s where we’ll be goin’ I’ll get upset
We pass it by, my heart is filled with joy
He scratches my head, and says “Not today, boy!”


(I’m checkin’ out) grass and sounds and squirrels and trees and
people and cars and birds and bees and
can you maybe stop here just for a spell?
(Cause maybe I’m) pretty sure that-we just passed by the
dog of my dreams and that’s no lie and
I would like to get to know her well

(Well) this truck ain’t stoppin’ here but it’s OK
There’s more to life than girl dogs anyway
like food and food and toys and water and food
And if I don’t get some soon I’ll come unglued


(I’m thinkin’ bout) fries and steaks and burgers and donuts
drivin’ past the bakery, think I might go nuts
Wonder why – how come my – owner never stops?
(I’m hoping he) buys some good greasy stuff from the fast food place
eats it in the truck with a smile on his face and
then I’m eating anything he drops
(Drop it for me now)


(We) stop at some big building, don’t know why
He locks me in the truck, and I start to cry
he tells me “You wait here” in his low voice
I’m pretty sure that I don’t got much choice

‘Bout 15 minutes later he comes back
he gets inside and sets down a brown sack
I start to bark cause I know what’s in there
I’d know the smell of dog treats anywhere


(I’m wonderin’) how long will it take until we get home
Pulling in the driveway, barkin’ at the lawn gnome
Running up the front lawn jumping over an old log
(My owner he) opens up the front door, I know what to listen for
sound of treats on the floor we should make that trip more
Glad to be a Truck Ridin’ Dog
I’m glad to be a Truck Ridin’ Dog

And here’s the list of tracks:

  1. Drums (from Drums on Demand)
  2. Bass (Squier P Bass into my Peavey tube head)
  3. Main Vox (all vox done with AKG 212)
  4. Main Vox Ch0rus
  5. Low Vox Left
  6. Low Vox Right
  7. Middle Vox Left
  8. Middle Vox Right
  9. High Vox Left
  10. High Vox Right
  11. Piano
  12. Pianee Solo
  13. Telecaster Bridge (all guitars into Peavey ValveKing II tube head)
  14. Telecaster Neck
  15. Tele Geetar Solo
  16. Banjo

I really tried to leave the imperfections in.  Some of the vocal notes are sharp or flat and I left them in.  I put a stereo chorus on the piano for that old timey sound, and I think that works well.  The banjo part sounds OK with it’s pretty thin – I have more homework to do when recording real banjos.  The Telecaster solo is my Fender Standard Telecaster with a Seymour Duncan Hot Rails in the bridge – the SD gives it a little more oomph.  The Telecaster Bridge track is the same Tele but with a Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounder pickup in the bridge.