BG Readers,

OK, I haven’t been very active on the site for a while.  From the start of this site, I’ve said it’s a “labor of like.”  I like working on the site.  But I like other things, too, like money.  And playing guitar.  I play guitar every day – sometimes for only 15 minutes, sometimes longer.  And I’m writing and recording songs.  And since June, I’ve been doing work for the University of South Florida – first as an online instructor for technology, and now as a web developer.  My day job is web dev – I’m the main web guy for a large school district.  Sooo yeah, I’m pretty busy.

But there’s a bigger reason I haven’t been blogging as normal – there’s not that much going on in the world of guitars.  I’m anxious to try some of the new guitars and amps coming out in NAMM, but I have to wait until they hit the stores.  The income from this website, with no ads and no source of revenue except a couple of Amazon links, is not enough money to buy a pair of socks, let alone fly to LA.

And when I have had some down time, I’ve been enjoying it.  My wife and I went to Orlando last weekend, without the kids.  It was wonderful.  WONDERFUL.  That’s where the picture is from.

So here’s what I really want to get to review in upcoming weeks.  I want to revisit the low end Fender offerings – the Affinity series, the Bullet series – and check out the build quality, sound, and playability.  I want to check out the latest low end Marshall amps.  I REALLY want to play the new low end Gibson Firebird, which I think will hit the used market about 6 months after it comes out.

I’m recording guitar tracks for the two albums I’m working on, and I want to take some pics and do some more experiments on how to get the best sounds.  I’ve been using a SM7B to record my amp speaker, but I’m going to be getting a SM57 to use instead, because even though the mics are similar, they do sound different, and I want the SM57 sound.  I’m experimenting with using the dynamic mic and a AKG 214 to grab the high end (or a Rhode NT1A, which is more common in home studios.)

In the meantime, this site was designed to be a place where I can archive information as well as my own thoughts.  I want to do a big redesign to make it easier to find the archived info, but that’ll have to wait.  For now, my goal will just be to post content more frequently.

Thanks for reading!  I really appreciate it.