Watching Ryan of 60 Cycle Hum go from extolling the wondrous virtues of the piece of shit Epiphone Les Paul Crapster (in cool colors) to smashing it for charity (great choice) reminded me that all the times I’ve been bagging on these junkers I’ve been JUSTIFIED.  I found Ryan’s various videos on the guitar fun to watch, and I think he performed a very good public service with this series.  Instead of making the mistake ourselves, and we were tempted despite knowing better, Ryan did it for us. You might think I’m kidding.  I’m not.  He knew when he bought the thing that it wasn’t going to be a family keepsake.  I do disagree with Ryan on the quality level of that guitar.  He thinks they’re OK and I think they’re shit.

Personal opinion – I don’t know Ryan personally, but I think he is a great guy and I’m a subscriber to him on the YouTube.  But I can’t make it through the 60 Cycle Hum podcast because I don’t like the banter.  Don’t hate me.  I feel the same way about Chasing Tone, except Brian and Blake sometimes have episodes where they get right to the gear talk and I like to hear what both of them have to say.  So I do listen to Chasing Tone.  But it’s nowhere near the podcast it was when they had Travis and Max.  I loved those guys.  When they left I was actually depressed.

Anyway, when you see guys buying $99 Epiphones or $129 Squier Bullet Crapocasters, and messing with them on the YouTube, please appreciate the public service they’re performing.  They’re wasting their money so you don’t have to.

Want to know the best guitar you can buy for around a hundred bucks?  I’d go with a used Squier Affinity.  It’s a much better guitar than the Bullet and you can find them used for under a hundred any day of the week.  I’ve been tempted many many many times.  But if you can find a used Classic Vibe or Vintage Modified (both by Squier) you should get one of those instead.  IMHO the Classic Vibe is good enough to play in front of anyone on any size stage.  I think those guitars are killer used deals in the $200-ish range.  In the $300-ish range I’d go with a MIM Fender.

I hope no one thinks I’m bagging on Ryan.  What a nice, cool guy.  I just disagree with him about what a good low end guitar is.  If everyone thought like me the world would be very boring.